CH&PA starting consultations on Sophia road upgrade project

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) will today begin a series of consultations with residents of Sophia on the reformulation of the Road Network Upgrade and Expansion Programme.

In a brief statement, the CH&PA said the first public consultation will be held at the Sophia Primary School at 4pm today.

A CH&PA official told Sunday Stabroek that aside from today’s activity, four other consultations will be held; two on September 17th and another two on the September 24th.

The target areas, the official said, will be Pattensen Turkeyen (Section B), Turkeyen (Section  C and D), Block X Liliendaal (Section A), Block AA and BB Sophia (Plum  Park), Section C Cummings Lodge (Cummings Park), Block E Sophia (Farmers’ group),  Block F and Block R Sophia.

It was explained by the official that the programme, which is to be funded through an Inter-American Development Bank loan, would see the rehabilitation of roads, the installation of street lights, sidewalks, the construction of core homes, and the rehabilitation of community grounds and centres in the identified sections of South and North Sophia.

The official said that holding public consultations was among the criteria for the loan, with the intended aim of giving residents the opportunity to have an input and to express their concerns, if any, as it relates to the programme.

Community Development Director Gladwin Charles, an engineer and other officials of the Authority, will be in attendance at the consultation.

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