RK’s Security protests abrupt cancelling of contract by ministry

An abrupt termination of a contract award for the provision of security services has seen RK’s Security file a protest with the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) against the Ministry of Education.

“It was just a very strange occurrence that I or anyone I have spoken to have ever heard of or can make sense of up to now, where you just got a letter that you are terminated because of convenience,” Chief Executive Officer of RK’s Security, Roshan Khan, told Stabroek News when contacted.

“Just imagine, mere hours before we are scheduled to start this letter comes, how that can be justified?” he added.

Chairman of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), Carol Corbin told Stabroek News that since the body has completed its latest report- the investigation into the $632M drug procurement – RK’s complaint would be one of the next to be looked at…..