Bartica massacre convict still elusive

One week has passed and Bartica massacre convict Mark Royden Williams is still eluding the police even after he was spotted in Linden with murder accused Uree Varswyk, who was shot dead during a Joint Services operation.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken yesterday said that a countrywide operation is ongoing in a bid to recapture Williams and the two other escapees: Paul Goriah and Cobena Stephens. However, he said it is unclear if Williams is still hiding out in the mining town.

“We have a posture in Linden, well the exchange was in Linden and he (Williams) was with Varswyk. We are not ruling out the possibility that he is still in Linden neither we are not ruling out the possibility that he is not in Linden”, Hicken said while adding “we have our operational postures throughout the length and breadth of the country.”

Varswyk was shot dead minutes before midnight on August 31 during a Joint Services operation at Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden. An autopsy revealed that he died as a result of shock and haemorrhage due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Mark Royden Williams

Since the operation, there has been no sign of Williams, who had been spotted in the company of Varswyk on the night of his death.

Last Monday, Hicken said that Varswyk used the training he acquired as a former police officer to help Williams escape. “Varswyk being trained, when the vehicles responded, brought down evasive fire, giving Williams coverage,” Hicken had said while adding that as the ranks were focused on the threat, Williams managed to flee.

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