‘F’ Division commander to act as Crime Chief

-as Blanhum proceeds on leave

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has proceeded on accumulated leave from yesterday and Senior Superintendent of Police Ravindradat Budhram will be acting in his post until December.

Acting Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine yesterday confirmed to Stabroek News that Budhram, who has been Commander of ‘F’ Division for a number of years, will be acting Crime Chief.

Wendell Blanhum

Deputy Crime Chief Rishi Dass, who was appointed to the position earlier this year, is presently on sick leave. This newspaper was told that Dass has written to Ramnarine and Blanhum requesting removal from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). However, several efforts made to confirm this proved futile.

Ravindradat Budhram

Ramnarine said Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper, who served as Deputy Commander of ‘B’ Division, will be filling in as Commander of ‘F’ Division.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that Blanhum had requested to proceed on leave since July but was unable to do so after the July 9 Camp Street jailbreak.

Blanhum, who is currently on 90 days of accumulated leave, is expected to return to his office in December before the holiday season begins.

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