Rehab of QC field still to begin

A section of the field last Monday. (Photo by Keno George)

Despite promises from the school’s board, the expected rehabilitation of the Queen’s College field is yet to start.

It was reported last week that a full restoration of the field was to be done but those works were delayed because the board was awaiting approval from a government organisation for use of the machinery.

Permission was since received, but although works were set to commence last week, up to yesterday, there was no marked difference in the appearance of the ground. It is to be noted that with the commencement of the new term, the sports season is looming not too far in the distance.

It was related to Stabroek News on Monday that the total cost of the contracted works is $1.4 million, and according to information received prior, once started, it should be completed within two weeks.

The planned works include slashing, ploughing, and levelling of the field.

Last week, Chairman of the Board Alfred Granger related that the field’s maintenance will be funded by the school’s board, with support from members of the Queen’s College alumni.

Granger further related that they received a $15 million estimate for the restoration of the pavilion that occupies the ground, and said that more than $4 million has already been made available for its refurbishment thanks to the College’s United States chapter. Additionally, Granger related that the rehabilitative works for the pavilion have been budgeted for in the 2018 budget.

In April, Stabroek News first documented the poor condition of the field. The field, which facilitates the school’s sports and physical education programme, had become a mass of overgrown weeds and builder’s waste.

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