Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams to act as Crime Chief


Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Williams will act as Crime Chief until the return from leave of Detective Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum.

This and other movements within the police force were clarified today by Acting Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine.

A statement by Ramnarine follows:

The Leadership of the Guyana Police Force at Force Headquarters, Eve Leary has taken cognisance of two recent exposes in the press, that is, by a notorious, mischievous and misguided individual on social media which purports in very disgusting language that Detective Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum has been “kicked out” of the Criminal Investigation Department.

The second is that Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram has replaced

Mr. Blanhum as Head of the Criminal Investigation Department and this was carried in other sections of the print and electronic Media.

The Acting Commissioner wishes to categorically state that neither of the two are correct and in fact are extremely contrary to the truth, since in the second case the ‘replaced’ gives an impression of permanency.

On the basis that these two occurrence/exposes which would have resulted in much public and other interests, the following is respectfully and humbly communicated to the people of this country, key stakeholders and appropriate authorities.

Detective Senior Superintendent W. Blanhum has served the Guyana Police Force well and this is indisputable, until his proceeding on much desired annualised vacation leave which had been accumulated for a number of years.

Last year he should have proceeded on over one hundred (100) days annualised vacation leave but due to exigencies of the Force, exacerbated by the overriding public security concerns, he was only able to enjoy a very brief period of relaxation (annual vacation leave).

A few days ago, the Crime Chief (Mr. Blanhum) requested to proceed on another short period of annual vacation leave which was approved, taken into account that it was again deserved and that he, as well as other Senior Officers, will have to resume duty in time for the commencement of the Police’s Christmas period. A period where the intensification of operational and preventive law enforcement strategies are paramount.

Unfortunately and regrettably so, Mr. Blanhum’s Deputy, Detective Senior Superintendent Rishi Das fell ill.

This was not a sudden and calculated sick report, as Mr. Das while on vacation leave overseas had to seek medical attention on more than one occasion and was going to be away from duty for a week. Additionally he had previously requested officially, a movement out of the Criminal Investigation Department due its strenuous engagements.

At the same time Detective Superintendent Joel David who is stationed at the Criminal Investigation Department, Headquarters, Eve Leary was and still is on a special assignment with a team of Officers, investigating the episode of the illegal Air Craft in Mandacaro, Region 9 (Lethem District).

In the circumstances, the initial decision was made to have Senior Superintendent R. Budhram ‘fill the breach’ at the Criminal Investigation Department, Headquarters, Eve Leary temporarily until such time, that is a matter of days when a more informed decision would have been made.

There was no intention to have Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram permanently based at the Criminal Investigation Department on the fundamental basis that ‘F’ Division which he commands is increasingly becoming a geographical area of much interest, and in which he has developed comprehensive understanding of. The Criminal Investigation Department, Headquarters, Eve Leary is equally too important to be ‘left in the open’ without the requisite command leadership.

At this point in time Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams will act as Head of the Criminal Investigation Department until Mr. Blanhum returns and meanwhile Assistant Commissioner Lindon Alves will act as Commander of ‘B’ Division.

It should be noted by all with interests in law enforcement activities, and administration that notwithstanding the loss of nine (9) Senior Officers this year due to retirement, the current Corps of Senior and Junior Officers and indeed all ranks and auxiliaries will continue to give of the utmost in the interest of this beautiful country, according to the Oath of Office, training, knowledge and experience.

  1. RAMNARINE, DSM. Asst. Commr.

(ag) Commissioner of Police


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