More GTT cables sabotaged

Less than two months after publicly highlighting repeated sabotage of GTT’s infrastructure, the company says that the disturbing trend has resurfaced with two separate cases this week.

On September 12  and 13,  GTT said that 300 metres of cable in the vicinity of New Hope and Friendship on the East Bank of Demerara were cut, affecting voice and data services to over 400 customers.

Commenting on the continued and recent sabotage, GTT’s, CEO Justin Nedd, said “these malicious acts are being conducted by persons who understand the telecoms system and are bent on impeding the company’s progress for their own selfish gains”.

GTT says it intends to meet with the Minsters of Public Security, Business and Public Telecommunications to comprehensively address the issue.

Engineers and other resources allocated for scheduled works have since been diverted to restore service to the affected customers.

The phone company said that the previous success in capturing and prosecuting some of the saboteurs materialised  through the vigilance of community members who acted on the company’s  appeal to “say something if they see something”.

GTT asked the public to report any act of cable sabotage or suspicious act to the company’s confidential hotline 226-2764.

A reward of $500,000 is being offered.

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