Cops undergo equitation training to boost mounted branch

The Guyana Police Force on Wednesday concluded a two-week equitation training course for ranks stationed in the Rupununi District.

Seven ranks benefitted from the training course, which was conducted by Assistant Superintendent of Police Rockwell Delph and Sergeant Tony Doris of the Guyana Police Force’s Mounted Branch.

The ranks who participated in the training courses with some of the horses at Lethem.

The seven ranks will complement four ranks from the Mounted Branch who are based at Lethem Police Station, which has eight horses.

Ranks were exposed to topics such as duties of the mounted branch, care of equipment, grooming, feeding, saddling and unsaddling.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force Jairam Ramlakhan said the training will enhance the much needed capacity of police based in the interior location with a view towards the further expansion of the mounted branch.

He also said that the Divisional Commander Ravindradat Budhram has assured that all ranks in the division will be trained in equitation.

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