Youth dead after Corentyne road hit and run

-co-worker hospitalised

An Upper Corentyne youth lost his life on Sunday evening after a car, which was reportedly speeding, hit him and a co-worker on the Number 54 Village, Corentyne Public Road.

The driver of the car subsequently fled, leaving Trishan Sahai, also known as “Sonno,” 19, dead, and his co-worker and friend, Mooneshwar Jairam, 28, hospitalised, in wake of the accident.

Sahai, who was a labourer of Lot 11 Number 57 Village, Corentyne, was flung into the air and landed a short distance away from where he was standing at the time of the accident. Jairam, also a labourer of Lot 109 Number 57 Village, Corentyne, landed on top of a car that was parked nearby.

Trishan Sahai

Residents of the area picked up the two men and rushed them to the Skeldon Public Hospital. Sahai was pronounced dead on arrival, while Jairam, a father of three, was admitted and subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he remains.

According to Jairam’s father, Yudishteer Jairam, his son sustained a laceration to his head, and other minor bruises. “He head get twenty something stitches, he teeth break up and he a get pain,” the man related.

Mooneshwar Jairam

Jairam’s relatives stated that he left home around 5.30 pm to attend a friend’s birthday party in Number 52 Village, Corentyne.

Stabroek News was told that the accident occurred sometime after 7 pm. According to information gathered, Sahai was hanging out at a nearby shop with friends. However, Jairam was passing the shop and called to him and they ended up having a conversation outside of the shop.

Persons who were also present at the shop at the time of the accident noted that the two were standing “in the corner gaffing” when the car swerved into them and then sped away.

Bhanmattie Somwar

Sahai’s mother, Bhanmattie Somwar, 48, told Stabroek News, that her son, who was the sole bread winner of their home, left his residence around 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.

“Around 7. 30, me hear say me son get accident and we go out and them been done carry him at the hospital and when me go hospital, me na see him. Then them doctor call for he name and so and then them tell me he dead,” she related. “Me son does work and mind me. He been quiet,” she added.

Sahai is survived by his mother and sister, along with other relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, Stabroek News was told, that a partial number plate was retrieved at the scene of the accident. Police have since launched an investigation. However, up to press time investigators had been unable to locate the driver of the car.

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