Storm-hit Bath residents get rebuilding help from RDC

PPP/C supporter Faizal Jaffarally during his heated confrontation with APNU+AFC activist Carol Joseph

Residents of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, whose houses were damaged by a storm on Monday afternoon, have received assistance for rebuilding from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Regional Executive Officer of Region Five Ovid Morrison and several other officials visited the affected residents yesterday morning.

Nagamootoo told the media that some residents had already started their reconstruction with materials that were not severely damaged. “The region has made some commitments and they are talking with some carpenters and contractors to render voluntary assistance,” he noted, before saying that private sector organisations are also being mobilised to donate material, such as zinc sheets.

It was noted that the region would supply the necessary materials for rebuilding to the persons whose houses, roofs and sheds were affected. It will also assist with voluntary labour.

According to Nagamootoo, the needs of most residents were “not very great,” since they were no damages which left persons “on the street,” except for one woman, Sheila Harrichand. He noted that the region was working to enable her to reoccupy the home.

When Stabroek News left Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice yesterday morning, work had already began on Harrichand’s house, which had collapsed as a result of the storm. Another resident, Bohwanie Matalama, 53, whose roof had blown away, told the officials that she needed fifteen more zinc sheets to complete her roof. Morrison then committed to delivering on the request.

Also among the visiting party were officials from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), who have been monitoring the situation very closely. CDC also donated blankets and cover sheets to the residents affected.

Meanwhile, PPP/C activist Faizal Jaffarally, along with a small group of PPP/C supporters, turned up during the visit to stage a protest against the Prime Minister and the government.

The protestors, who carried placards, stated that they were of the belief that Nagamootoo and the government were not working for the betterment of the people of the country. They said the government is yet to deliver on the “good life” it has continually promised to citizens. The also called on Nagamootoo and the government to ensure that sugar workers receive their “hard earned salaries” on time.

APNU+AFC activist Carol Joseph did not take lightly to the presence of the protestors and she engaged in a heated argument with Jaffarally. The former regional councillor told Jaffarally that the “PPP is dead.”

Despite the arguments between the political activists, Nagamootoo tuned them out and continued to engage with residents.

After the visit, residents told Stabroek News that they were thankful for the assistance.







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