City Hall to launch Mobile Money option for payment of rates and taxes

Residents of Georgetown will by the end of October, 2017, be able to pay their rates and taxes using the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph’s Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) application.

Adunni Christian, City Hall’s Network Admin-istrator, told Stabroek News on Thursday that an agreement has been signed with the telecommunications company to have rate payers use the application to pay rates and taxes.

“The benefits are many. It will avoid you having to come to City Hall and joining a line. It will also avoid you having to carry cash around all the time. We hope it will make it easier for the ratepayer to interact and interface with our staff,” Christian explained.

Adunni Christian

He noted that the only information rate payers will need to utilise the system is their property number.

Presently, staff from the accounting department of City Hall are undergoing training and exchanging technical information with the telecommunications company.

Christian said members of staff are being taught how MMG works so that they can better explain it to those ratepayers who need the information and so that they can update the accounts of ratepayers who have used the application.

“Additionally, the technical information we receive from Mobile Money will allow us to monitor how the payments are going, so we will know who’s making payments to us through this application in almost real time. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership which will increase the efficiency of the city,” he noted.

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