Ally says PNCR remains committed to fighting poverty

-as 60th anniversary looms

People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) General Secretary Amna Ally has said that as the party prepares to observe its Diamond jubilee, it remains committed to fighting poverty and establishing the economic independence of working people.

“The PNCR’s policy will be geared to finding ways to increase wealth and not to perpetuate poverty,” Ally told a press conference last Friday. “Our party has never forgotten and will never forget its duty. It will never forsake the working people of this country,” she further said, while noting that the party also remains committed to achieving national unity and building bridges to all communities and groups that are interested in the well-being of the people and the progress of the country.

Ally added that when the PNCR on October 5, 2017, formally celebrates 60 years since the formation of the PNC, under the theme “United and Strong: Sixty Years On,” though proud of its stewardship of this nation while in office, it will be looking to the future with a firm resolve and prepared to respond to the demands of the changing social, political and economic environment.

Amna Ally

Reflecting on the party’s 60’s years, Ally said when the PNC first entered office in 1964, Guyana was “a broken nation.” “After losing the elections, [People’s Progressive Party (PPP) co-founder Dr Cheddi Jagan] refused to demit office as Premier. He had to be removed via an Order-in-Council by the British Crown. This behaviour was preceded, while Dr. Jagan was Premier, by violence, racial strife, labour disputes, and ideological polarization; and Dr. Jagan left the Treasury bare!”

Ally noted that the priority policy objectives for the PNC government were made clear by founder leader Forbes Burnham and the party, which focused on the security of the country and its people; healing the racial wounds; reconciliation and peace; structured national economic and social development; and working towards political independence. “In these we were successful,” Ally read from a prepared statement, before listing a number of achievements of the party in education and infrastructural development, among other things.

“The PNC in Government had a tremendous track record.  The entire infrastructure of Guyana – physical, educational, economic, cultural and political – was built between 1964 and 1975.  All of the major housing schemes, arterial roads, drainage and irrigation schemes, to give a few examples, were built while the PNC was in Government. Under the stewardship of successive PNC Administra-tions, between 1964 and 1992, Guyana experienced not only significant political and constitutional advancement but also unprecedented nation building efforts in every aspect of human endeavour,” she added.

Ally noted that in observance of the Diamond Jubilee, the PNCR has planned a number of events both at the central and regional level of the party. On Thursday, October 5, she noted, a flag raising ceremony will be held at the party’s headquarters at Congress Place, Sophia, while on Saturday, October 7, a Special Congress will be held at the National Cultural Centre.

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