City councillors question purchase of incomplete stun gun for abattoir

City councillors yesterday questioned whether taxpayers’ monies were being spent responsibly after finding out that an incomplete stun gun had been bought by City Hall for use at the municipal abattoir and so another one had to be purchased.

Councillors were informed yesterday that the first stun gun had come without ammunition and packing and so eventually the decision was taken to have another one purchased altogether.

“The council did indeed purchase a stun gun prior to now, and what was found is that the entire gun was not purchased. It had to get some ammunition and some packing,” Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry Munroe, who was filling in for Town Clerk Royston King, explained.

“…GSPCA [Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] came in and the Town Clerk, what he did is went on to purchase another stun gun—a complete stun gun—including the packing, the ammunition—everything. And that was purchased and shipped and we’re now awaiting the approval from the police so that we can have it,” she added.

This raised questions from councillors about whether the gun is now in transit or has already arrived, and observations such as the fact that this is the second time the matter had come up and they were being fed the same information.

“The stun gun is on its way. It’s been on its way since last year. But I urge the Town Clerk to get at the bottom of this because we also have the GSPCA on our case and it’s inhumane to be torturing animals in the way they are,” Deputy Mayor Lionel Jaikarran stated.

“Mr Chairman, I’m requesting that—with all due respect—that this honourable house have a report on the first purchase of the stun gun, because apparently taxpayers’ money spend wild and blind. Because if we spend for one gun and this council was not informed…and then you have to extend again to purchase another gun, something is wrong. Something is definitely wrong,” Councillor Heston Bostwick stated.

On that note, Councillor Gregory Fraser questioned what was being done with the first gun if a second was purchased and whether proper investigations were conducted before the purchase was made. He suggested that it being “tax payers” money that was spent, someone should be made to pay for the item.

The matter was deferred to the next statutory meeting for discussion and a report on the matter is expected to be presented then.

In an interview in March, Deonarine Arjune, Chief Meat and Food Inspector, said that the slaughter method currently being used at the abattoir is the cutting of the animals’ throats.


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