Lack of training of police handwriting expert under scrutiny in trial

The lack of training of the police force’s handwriting experts was brought into sharp focus last week during the continuing trial of accused drug trafficker Dennis Jones.

Jones, who was previously convicted for drug trafficking, is on trial on another charge alleging that he had possession of 10 grammes of cocaine for trafficking.

During Jones’ trial last Tuesday, police force handwriting expert Amir Mohammed revealed that he had repeatedly requested more training but was told that he had already been deemed an expert by the courts.

Mohammed, who came under fire from attorney Eusi Anderson, stumbled on questions related to handwriting, before he stated that he only received basic training in the area.

Mohammed’s testimony prompted Anderson, who has asked the court not to deem Mohammed an expert, to call into question the time the witness would have spent in the field and the training he would have received.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan is expected to rule on whether or not Mohammed can be considered an expert in the matter on October 10.

It is alleged that Jones, 62, on January 18, at the Guyana Post Office Corpora-tion (GPOC), trafficked 10.64 grammes of cocaine that was mailed by him.

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