Minister Ally meets with New Opportunity Corps staff

-five females pardoned

On September 13,  Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, paid a visit to the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) for a site visit and meeting with staffers and announced that five females had been pardoned.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Social Protection, Ally touched on some institutional changes and developments which are to be implemented soon.

Among these was the need to heighten security and structural improvements. Ryan Baichu, Principle Assistant Secretary (ag), along with engineering consultants took a walk through to put things in place for these structural developments, the release stated.

NOC staff members present at the meeting indicated that the implementation of additional staff would greatly help to alleviate the challenges which the institute presently faces; movements are afoot to address this issue, the release said.

According to the release, Ally brought to the fore programmes which the institution implemented to help with the reintegration of juveniles back into society. The Minister was given an overview of the successes of these programmes which include information technology, agriculture, welding and fabrication, catering, sewing, electrical, joinery, and steel pan. Additionally, the youths from the institution will be displaying their handiwork at a booth during the On Show Guyana festivities being held on September 29, 2017.

Ann Greene, Director of the Childcare and Protection Agency, who was present at the meeting, indicated the need for the young people to have foundational learning in literacy and numeracy, the release said. The Regional Executive Officer, Rupert Hopkinson, in light of this point was given the task of sourcing two teachers in the interim to carry on the foundational learning programmes; a building to conduct these classes was also identified.

Meanwhile, according to the release, on a directive from President Granger, Ally during her meeting announced the pardon of five females of the NOC ranging from ages thirteen to sixteen. The girls was released on September 15th 2017. In speech to the young ladies, Ally encouraged them to keep on the right path; they in turn thanked Ally and asked her to convey their appreciation to the President.

Other officers of the Ministry of Social Protection who were present at the meeting included Director of Social Services, Wentworth Tanner, Rhonda Nelson of the SLED Initiative and Alicia Reece, Advisor to Ally.

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