Wismar pork-knocker gets four months for domestic violence

‘Didn’t cuff, just slapped’:

An 18-year-old Wismar pork-knocker was on Tuesday sentenced to four months imprisonment for  wounding his girlfriend.

David Narine of Lot 19, Third Alley, Wismar, yesterday pleaded guilty to the charge of wounding his girlfriend, Shellon Joseph, with whom he shares a child, when he appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutor Pindar told the court that on September 24, Narine visited Joseph’s residence and asked her to accompany him home to prepare to attend a party. Pindar further stated that they were at Narine’s residence when they started arguing. This led to Narine cuffing Joseph, resulting in injuries to Joseph.

A report was filed at the Wismar Police Station, and Narine was subsequently contacted and later arrested. When Narine was asked by Magistrate Nurse if he agreed with the statement read by the prosecutor, he told the court that, “I didn’t cuff her, I just give her two slaps.”

The defendant’s legal counsel, Attorney Charles told the court that his client is very remorseful and pleaded with the court for a non-custodial sentence, so that Narine can work and provide for his nineteen- -month-old son. Charles also emphasized that the defendant is only 18-years-old and has no prior convictions.  Magistrate Nurse told Narine that based on the medical review from the hospital, it is clear that he did not just deal Joseph two slaps, since she suffered a split lip, a missing tooth and  a wound on the forehead.  The magistrate added that based on the fact that he violated Joseph to the extent of such injuries, he would be sentenced to four months in prison.

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