Man arrested after refusing to be searched at city courts

Jermaine Flavius, who was reportedly injured by a prison warden last year after he allegedly refused to have a body cavity search conducted on him, found himself in hot water once more yesterday when he refused to be searched by police at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Flavius, who went to the court compound, was observed by this newspaper behaving in a disorderly manner when one of the officers, stationed at a gate, asked to search him.

Jermaine Flavius (seated in tray of pick up in civilian clothes) as he was being escorted to the Brickdam Police Station by armed ranks.

The officer’s request angered Flavius, who in turn assaulted the officer, causing him to be arrested.

Flavius, however, did not go down without a fight and immediately began to curse and behave in a disorderly manner, resulting in other officers attempting to subdue him.

After some minutes of disruption by Flavius, he was eventually, handcuffed, and searched by the officers before being placed in the lock up.

The young man was subsequently taken to the Brickdam Police Station. He is expected to be charged.

In 2016, it was alleged that Flavius verbally and physically abused a prison warden, who in turn defended himself against him after he allegedly refused to have a body search conducted.

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