North West teen gets six months for break and enter larceny

A teenage miner of Yarakita Village, in the North West District, was yesterday sentenced to six months in jail for breaking into a fellow villager’s shop and stealing almost $200,000 in goods.

Magistrate Judy Latchman handed down the sentence to David Emmanuel, 17, who admitted that between September 21 and September 22, he broke and entered the home of Anne Wilburg and stole a quantity of food items, valued at $105,000, and a quantity of cosmetics, valued at $82,920.

Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves told the court that on September 21, Wilburg secured her shop, which is adjoined to her home, and retired to bed. Around 1 am on September 22, she was awakened by noise coming from the shop and with the help of a torchlight, went in the direction of the sound. It was then that she observed that one of the shop’s windows was opened.

The prosecutor added that Wilburg opened the shop’s door and saw Emmanuel with several articles. Wilburg confronted him and was dealt several slaps to her face as a result.

Gonsalves added that the theft was reported and Emmanuel was arrested. Gonsalves added that the accused, after being told of the allegation against him, admitted in an oral statement to committing the crime.

When asked by Magistrate Latchman why he committed the crime, Emanuel stated that he was directed by someone called “Rubin.” He added that he did not act alone in carrying out the crime.

Subsequently, Magistrate Latchman sentenced him.


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