Public Security, GRA workers charged over forged tint permit

Two Ministry of Public Security data entry clerks and a Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) employee were yesterday among four persons charged over a forged tint permit.

Data entry clerks Richard Mohan, of Better Hope, and Dhanesh Dyal, 23, of Montrose, GRA employee Chateram Persaud, 24, also of Montrose, and businessman Azad Mohammed, 25, of Better Hope, were all read separate charges by Magistrate Judy Latchman in Georgetown.

Mohan, Dyal and Persaud were read similar charges which alleged that between March 1, and September 25, 2017, at Georgetown, they conspired with a person or persons to forge a motor vehicle tint permit, purporting to show same was issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

Dhanesh Dyal
Richard Mohan

Mohammed was read a charge which stated that he on September 25, uttered to police constable 21797 George a forged motor vehicle tint permit, purporting to show same was issued by the Ministry of Public Security, knowing same to be false.

All four men denied the charges.

Attorney Mark Waldron represented Dyal, while Glenn Hanoman represented Mohammed. The other defendants were also represented.

The prosecutor said Mohan made contact with Mohammed and told him that he was in a position to acquire a tint permit and would need $70,000. Dyal, it is alleged, collected the funds from and then presented the money to Mohan.

Azad Mohammed
Chateram Persaud

The permit was later returned to Mohammed, who was stopped on September 23 and was asked to produce his tint permit. It was later revealed that it was forged.

Attorney Hanoman told the court that his client would have submitted all his relevant documents to the Ministry of Public Security and when he received the permit he had no reason to believe that it was forged.

Magistrate Latchman granted Dyal, Persaud and Mohammed $100,000 bail each, while Mohan was released on $150,000 bail.

The matters will be called again on October 5 before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

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