Main Mocha Arcadia access bridge needs urgent repairs

The present state of the Mocha/Arcadia bridge, which is closed to vehicular traffic (David Papannah photo)

Residents of Mocha Arcadia are pleading with the relevant authorities to have the main access bridge to their village repaired urgently.

The bridge, which is currently closed to vehicular traffic, is still being traversed by pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. When Stabroek News visited yesterday, several of the decking planks of the bridge were either broken or out of place. It was observed that whenever a cyclist or motorcyclist rode across the bridge, it would rattle and tremble, as if the structure was about to collapse.

However, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Rudolph Adams yesterday told this newspaper that rehabilitation works to repair the bridge will be undertaken by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and are expected to begin by mid-October.

“The bridge falls under our NDC, but we do not have the resources, and so we approached the regional body [Regional Democratic Council], the Ministries of Communities and Public Infrastructure. And at the regional level, a decision was made that the Public Infrastructure Ministry would take on the work,” he explained.

Even though the bridge is not the only entrance into the community, it is the one more used by commuters since it allows quicker access to the village.

Additionally, Adams said that plans are also in the pipeline to carry out repairs on the other bridge, which is slowly deteriorating. Before works can begin on that bridge, however, Adams said, they would have ensure the bridge which is currently closed is reopened, since the two bridges are used to both enter and exit the village.

“They have closed the bridge for like three months now, and it is a real inconvenience to us because we sometimes have to walk to the other bridge to get a bus. Also, it is really scary for the children to walk over because of the big holes on this bridge… if they are not carefully they can injure themselves,” said a woman from the community.

Another concerned resident said that the authorities have been dragging their feet on the rehabilitation of the bridge. He said every time persons use the bridge it is a chance that they are taking since the boards can come loose and fall off at any time. The man went on to explain that because of the delay in the commencement of the reconstruction, the constant use of the alternative bridge is causing it to slowly deteriorate. He added that since the buses started to use the bridge the boards began to come loose and fall out.

Drivers, Stabroek News was told, started to take their time and cross the bridge because of its current condition.




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