Industry man dies after fight with drinking buddy

A fight between drinking buddies ended with the death of one of them at the hands of the other yesterday morning at Industry Front, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Bhagwan Ramadhar, 44, called “Alan” of Lot 50 Industry Front, who sustained several blows to his head, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

The suspect, Ramadhar’s drinking buddy and neighbour Mahase Rajhpaul, called ‘Crusher,’ 49, was taken into police custody in a drunken state. The suspected murder weapon, a 2×4, was recovered at the scene.

The fatal confrontation occurred around 10 am yesterday.

The police, in a press release, said investigations revealed that Ramadhar and the suspect were drinking when the argument started.

The house where Ramadhar lived and where the fatal encounter occurred.

It added that the suspect allegedly dealt Ramadhar several blows to his head with a piece of wood.

Residents of the area described the men as “drinking buddies,” who were known to argue often.

Sumatra Sugrim, sister of the suspect, told reporters that she was in her house when she heard an argument outside. She said upon checking, she saw her brother in front the premises and was told of what transpired by a neighbour. “You couldn’t ask he (Rajhpaul) nothing because he a bit ignorant and normally they does get argument and everybody does deh quiet afterwards,” Sugrim said.

Rosaline Sukhnandan said she was not at home at the time of the argument but when she returned she was greeted with the shocking news of Ramadhar’s death. “He was very nice to me. He don’t pass me nowhere and it feel meh heart fuh know wah happen to um,” she said.

The woman said she had expected a tragic outcome. “Them a drink morning, noon and night and cuss one another,” she explained.

Up to Saturday, Sukhnandan said the suspect had a cutlass on the verandah and was making threats. “

He been had cutlass and if you see how he knocking it and cussing out,” she added.

She noted that most times they have arguments, Ramadhar would lock himself inside the house and ignore the suspect.

Another resident, “Maggie” (only name given), said she had known Ramadhar for a number of years.

She said he had previously related to her that he would have arguments with the suspect over the access to water. “He does tell he how these people would ill treat him, they would give him water and they would take it away and he can’t wait for his mother to come,” she said.

The woman added that she had spoken to Ramadhar before about his frequent drinking.

Ramadhar, who was a labourer, lived alone. He rented a section of his house to two women. He was reportedly deported from the United States of America several years ago. His mother, wife and four children live in the US.



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