Guyhoc woman charged over cocaine hammocks

Tiffini Tricia Collison, the woman who is accused of trying to mail four hammocks suspected to have been saturated with cocaine, was yesterday charged with drug trafficking.

Collison, 26, of F 21 Guyhoc Park, was read a charge that stated that on September 20, at DHL, Lot 50 E 53 Alberttown, she trafficked 6.742 kilogrammes of cocaine.

She pleaded not guilty.

Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford objected to bail being granted for Collison, while saying that the analyst’s report is incomplete.

Tiffini Tricia Collison

The court was told that the four hammocks were being posted through DHL by Collison, who used her mother’s identification card to post the hammocks.

The defendant’s mother was later contacted but CANU was unable to make contact with Collison.

Sandiford noted that five days after the discovery of the suspected drug, Collison turned up at CANU headquarters with her attorney.

After being briefed on the case, Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan remanded Collison to prison.

In response to the decision, Collison told the court that she is a single mother and has a six-year-old daughter, with no one to care for her. She noted that the child’s father, who is in Jamaica, has not been in her life, while her mother is not in a condition to look after her.

Chief Magistrate McLennan then informed the accused that a probation officer would be assigned to her case to ensure that the child is taken cared of through the Child Care and Protection Agency.

The matter will be called again on October 19.


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