Police accused of `cowboy’ behaviour by man charged with stealing motorbikes

“Cowboy behaviour” is how a man, accused of stealing two motorbikes, described the work of the officers who arrested him, to a city magistrate yesterday.

Lester Hopkinson, of 79 William Street, Kitty, is accused of stealing a Chappy motorcycle, between September 25 and September 26, at William Street, Kitty, while in company of another, property of Orlanzo Muriner.

It is further alleged that on August 13 at William Street, Kitty, he stole a Jialing motorcycle, property of Compton Grimes.

Lester Hopkinson

A not-guilty plea was entered by Hopkinson on both charges.

Hopkinson told the court that he is being framed by one set of officers who continue to arrest him on false charges.

The accused was first brought to court last Friday and was granted bail by Magistrate Leron Daly, without the charge being read since the investigating rank was not present and 72 hours had expired.

He was granted a total of $160, 000 bail; $80,000 on each charge.

This bail was maintained by Magistrate Azore, and the matter was subsequently adjourned to October 25.

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