Customs broker charged with firing weapon at city bar

-friend accused of trying to obstruct police

A customs broker was yesterday charged with firing his weapon at a city bar, while a friend of his was accused of trying to dispose of the spent shells after police intervened.

Riaz Ally, who police had previously identified as an enforcement officer with the Guyana Revenue Authority, was charged in a city court with discharging a loaded firearm within 100 yards of a public way on September 30, at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty.

Ally, 35, of Lot CC Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, told Magistrate Judy Latchman that he was not guilty.

Police prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves told the court that at about 12.30 am, Ally was at the G-Spot bar on Sandy Babb Street with a friend when two ranks observed him discharge two rounds. He added that the ranks subsequently took the weapon from the accused and cautioned him.

Anthony Akloo
Riaz Ally

Ally’s attorney, Bernard Da Silva, however, told the court that his client was leaving the bar when he was attacked by four men, which caused him to fire rounds into the air. He added that the police, who were passing, then arrested his client and took him to the Kitty Police Station.

Ally was later granted his release on $100,000 bail by Magistrate Latchman.

Meanwhile, Anthony Akloo, 29, a friend of Ally, was charged with willfully attempting to obstruct the course of justice by throwing away spent shells from the shooting.

He too denied the charge.

Gonsalves indicated to the court that after Ally would have fired the shots and had his gun taken by the police, Akloo attempted to throw away the spent shells.

Da Silva, who also represented Akloo, of Lot 107 National Walk, Triumph Village, East Coast Demerara, told the court that the accused was just trying to assist the police and was not throwing away the spent shells but recovering them.

He noted that Akloo would have attempted to assist the officers in this fashion since it was his friend who was attacked.

Like Ally, Akloo was also released on $100,000 bail.

Both of the accused are to make their next court appearance on October 20 before Magistrate Leron Daly.


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