Gunmen raid Sueria factory

-workers robbed of phones, cash

Gunmen stormed the Sueria Manufactur-ing complex at Industrial Site, Eccles, yesterday morning, held up the company’s employees and carted off a quantity of cheques and the building’s security cameras among their loot.

Owner of the confectionary company Frank Sanichara told Stabroek News that around 8.30 am, three men, unmasked and armed with guns, entered the factory and initiated the robbery. He said that they had initially entered under the guise of being customers, while their accomplice, the getaway driver, waited outside.

Sanichara said that one of the first things the men did when they entered the business place was seek out the security cameras and remove them. He could not readily state how much was lost in the encounter, but noted that mostly cheques were taken in the robbery. In addition, the employees were relieved of their cellphones and cash.  “This is something that’s been ongoing in Eccles; they robbed Readymix and now they robbed us,” he stated, while noting that it was the third time his business had been robbed within the past two years.

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