Mahdia concrete road to be completed in December

Work on the Mahdia Community Road Project is now sixty-three percent complete, the Department of Public Information (DPI) said on Saturday.

The 8,000 feet, fully concrete stretch of road will run through the community.  Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Civil Engineer, Wendell St. Pierre explained that with the high-quality concrete road residents will not be affected by the dust that usually results from laterite roads when dry.

The Mahdia road (DPI photo)

More importantly, he said that the road will lessen the maintenance cost for the administration, as the quality road will be able to withstand any weight of cargo coming into the community.

St. Pierre said there were some setbacks in the road works resulting in a new completion date of December 4.

“They were some slight delays because the scheduled date for completion was in August but the weather, accessing raw material and small problems with the contracts caused the reshuffling of the new date,” he told DPI.

The Civil Engineer said that the work on the road has been divided into three lots; Lot Three, Four and C, and are being executed by three contractors. He said that the Lots are 76, 36 and 17 percent completed, respectively. Lot Three is being done by Technocon Investment, Lot Four by J.R Ranch Construction Company and Lot C, by B &J Construction Company.

Additionally, St. Pierre noted that work on the Mahdia-Bartica road is moving apace and is five percent complete compared to one percent in July of this year.

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