Suspect held over 2012 Pomeroon murder

The police have held a suspect in connection with the five-year-old murder of Terry Warren, who was tied up and chopped to death in 2012 in the Pomeroon.

Commander Stephen Mansell of ‘G’ division relayed to Stabroek News that a suspect was held in connection with the crime on October 3. He was charged with the offence last Friday at the Suddie Magistrate’s court.

On July 29, 2012 Warren, of Mango Creek, Pomeroon River was murdered around 10 pm.

It had been previously reported that Warren and a group of men were imbibing at a home at Mango Creek when he decided to leave and take his electrical generator.

The move by Warren was not received well by the group of men who allegedly beat and chopped him about his body.

The Police had issued wanted bulletins in 2012 for Ramprashad Singh and Anthony Miguel in connection with the murder.

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