Grove couple robbed at gunpoint, car stolen

The motor car, PPP 6167 that was hijacked

A Grove, East Bank Demerara couple were left traumatized on Sunday evening after they were confronted by three bandits who relieved them of cash and other valuables and hijacked their car shortly after they had arrived at their home.

Nikeita Khan told Stabroek News that the bandits, one of whom was armed with a handgun, relieved her husband of $90,000 cash, two cell phones and several important documents including driver’s licences and ID cards before escaping with her mother’s motor car; a silver Premio, PPP 6167, which they had borrowed to run some errands.

The incident occurred around 8.30 pm at Grove Public Road, EBD.

Nikeita explained to Stabroek News that at the time of the attack, she and her husband had just returned from the East Coast of Demerara where they had visited her aunt. She said, they stopped home to drop off some items they had purchased earlier in the evening.

“My husband came out to open the garage gate and come out back to take the stuff out the car and I decide to assist him”, she said.

The woman said she exited the car and walked into the garage. There she saw that her husband had been surrounded by the bandits. “One of them hit him in his head and they were searching him up”, she said.

Nikeita said she was afraid to raise an alarm since one of the bandits was holding her husband at gunpoint. The bandits relieved her husband of the valuables and the car keys which he had in his pocket before they fled in the car.

An alarm was raised and a report was made to the Grove Police Station. Nikeita said several searches were also made for the car by relatives and the police but they came up empty handed.

An investigation has been launched and no arrest has yet been made.


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