Linden youth groups meet to discuss development

The Mayor of Linden, Carwyn Holland and two representatives from the US Embassy’s Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) on Tuesday last met with Linden youth groups to discuss the development of youth in the mining town.

The meeting, which was hosted by the Linden youth leaders at the Mayor and City Council conference room, was aimed at fostering inclusiveness among the youth groups as they work towards addressing social, economic and health issues facing the town.

Holland, the HAP representatives and business development consultant, Lindener Oswald Quamina, met with the groups to share their expertise, discuss funding, and the way forward for the Linden youth groups. HAP Programme coordinator, Tom Boykin expressed the willingness of HAP in sponsoring civil society projects which would assist in the development of youth and the town of Linden.

For The Children Sake Foundation, the Young and Thoughtful Youth Group, Linden Youth Aid and Uprising Youth, among other groups were present at the meeting. The groups were given the opportunity to speak on their goals and the problems they are encountering. Access-ing funds for projects, which include the painting of bus sheds and school gates, and assisting with equipment for nursery schools, appeared to be the main issue. At present, the majority of projects are funded by the groups’ members and the business community of Linden.


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