Dentist robbed on Anira St

A 31-year-old dentist of Anira Street, Queenstown was yesterday robbed by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

Police in a statement yesterday said that the armed robbery occurred at around 2:30 am as the dentist who has been identified as Christian McRae, was walking into his yard.

The men pounced from behind, held him at gunpoint and ordered him onto the ground, the police said. At this point the unarmed suspect searched the dentist and relieved him of his cellphone, cash and other valuables. The police said a round was discharged by the armed suspect and the two later escaped on foot heading north of Anira Street.

No arrest has been made since.

In August, a training manager attached to Beharry Restaurant Holdings was robbed by gunmen on her way home on the said street.

The manager was robbed at gunpoint of cellular phones and later escaped in a White Toyota Allion bearing registration number PSS 8175.


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