Youth faces sentencing for killing in-law over jokes

Trudy Samuels, who was charged with the fatal stabbing of an in-law over jokes he did not like, yesterday pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter.

Samuels, who appeared before Justice Brassington Reynolds at the High Court in Georgetown, accepted that on February 22 of last year, he unlawfully killed his cousin-in-law, Joseph Jaundoo, also known as ‘Teddy.’

He earlier denied a murder charge that was laid against him, but admitted guilt to unlawfully killing Jaundoo at Santa Mission, Kamuni Creek.

Samuels was 22-years-old at the time of the killing.

Joseph Jaundoo

The state’s case is that the men were drinking alcohol at a ‘wake’ house’ in the community, where jokes were reportedly made. The jokes were not taken lightly by Samuels, and there was an altercation between the two men.

Persons parted them, after which Jaundoo proceeded home.

However, Samuels, who was armed with a knife, subsequently followed Jaundoo home and stabbed him several times.

The 42-year-old Jaundoo was pronounced dead by the time he was rushed to the hospital.

Samuels is to be sentenced on October 26, pending the presentation of a probation report.

Prosecutor Shawnettte Austin, in association with Lisa Cave and Tiffini Lyken, is representing the state in the case.


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