Archibald family to receive counselling from Public Health Ministry

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) will commence counselling for family members of murdered 13-year old Berbician Leonard Archibald, Balagun Osunbiyi, Senior Psychologist attached to the Mental Health Unit, has announced.

According to a press release from the MoPH, the counselling package comprises a menu of measures which will include psycho-social and problem-solving skills, coping and refusal (not yielding to peer pressure etc.). Counselling is among a series of key interventions needed to help the members of the Archibald family of Brothers Village, East Bank Berbice,

In the MoPH release, Osunbiyi said mental health, social workers and a psychologist have already visited the grieving Berbice family. The parents of the deceased child, who are understandably traumatised, have said they will “not rest” until they receive justice for their murdered son.

“As a result of the obvious trauma, the MoPH will be offering counselling for the family which will include the older children and the father,” Osunbiyi was quoted in the press release as saying. Leonard’s father, Walter Archibald is a Guyana Sugar Corporation employee and also a part-time fisherman.

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