Cops caution squib sellers

The Guyana Police Force yesterday warned that persons caught selling or found in possession of squibs will be prosecuted and face the consequences of the law.

In a statement, the Force said it recognizes that in the celebration of Diwali and thereafter leading into the festive season of Christmas, there is usually an increase in the sale of firecrackers and similar kinds of explosives.

“The Force is hereby issuing a stern warning to those who sell these explosives which contribute a lot to serious bodily harm and injury to both users and innocent bystanders.

There were instances in the past when both children and adults experienced grievous bodily harm, during the use of these firecrackers and we urge all concerned to exercise the necessary care and caution when deciding to allow themselves to engage in the purchase of firecrackers”, the statement said.

The police routinely say that that they will crack down on squibs and firecrackers but this usually has little impact on those who sell and use then at Diwali, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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