Cops still seeking suspect in Da Silva St arson

Police are still feverishly trying to locate the suspect in the recent Newtown, Kitty arson, who set fire to a Da Silva Street house after trying to burn his wife.

The man, Kerwin Jervis, 44, who is said to be employed as a musician, has managed to evade the police since Tuesday evening, when the event occurred.

Police Public Relations Officer Shivpersaud Bacchus related last night that police had been following a lead on the suspect, but were misled as the person turned out not to be Jervis.

Bacchus, however, informed that the victim and her children are safe.

The fire started around 10 pm and officers at the scene described the bloody condition in which June McCalmon Jervis, the suspect’s wife, was found.

She had reportedly told them that after she jumped out of the window, her partner initially gave chase but then turned and ran back into the building.

According to the police source, the gasoline had been kept in a Busta bottle and was sprinkled about the house.

When the suspect attempted to pour the substance on the woman, however, she managed to escape through a louvre window on the ground floor.

Unfortunately, two houses, the couple’s and a neighbour’s, were gutted as a result of the act.

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