Security officer pulled from car at Stewartville, robbed at gunpoint

“I come for you, come out this car or I gon shoot you,” a gun-toting bandit told his victim on Saturday midday before he robbed him of his cash in Stewartville, West Bank Demerara.

What was supposed to be a normal afternoon of returning home from work for 52-year-old Deepak (only name given) turned out to be one of the worst days of his life after he was robbed at gunpoint of approximately $30,000.

According to eyewitnesses, Deepak was in a car at the junction of Canal #1 and Stewartville, along with four others, waiting to go to his Belle West home when he was robbed.

“He [Deepak] de sitting in my car and he was at the back between two ladies and the car de full and I walking towards it when I see these two man on two bikes pull up,” one of the eyewitnesses related to Stabroek News yesterday.

The man related that one of the bandits jumped off of his motorcycle and pulled out a gun before rushing up to the car that Deepak was sitting in.

“I see when he pull out the gun and he crank he and went up to the car and seh ‘I come for you, come out this car or I gon shoot out’ to he [Deepak] and then tell everybody else in the car and surrounding that it didn’t concern them and that they could go,” the eyewitness said.

The man was subsequently taken out of the car and forced to lie on the road on his stomach. He was then searched and after finding the man’s money, the bandits escaped on their bikes.

Deepak, who is a security officer, said he is not sure why the men would’ve been targeting him but had related that earlier in the day he had stopped at a bank at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, where he withdrew money.

However, the fact that the bandits only targeted him suggests  that they might have followed him from Diamond, all the way to Stewartville.

While no other person was robbed, taxi drivers who park around the area as they wait on passengers related to this newspaper that now they are scared and concerned for their well-being.

“If them man could just come up like that bright, bright midday and rob people without masks or anything then it means they don’t care about anything especially the police so you got to be scared and vigilant,” one driver said. Another explained that he thought the men were going to rob him of his car, since there have been several reports of hijackings around the area.

“I step back and I put my key behind me cause I thought is the car they come for but when they cuss up and tell the man is he them come for I know what de going on. But nobody didn’t want to play no superhero cause the bandit had he gun and the other was over the road waiting and nobody de want get shoot,” another one said.

No one has been arrested as yet and the police are reviewing CCTV footage to see if they can ascertain the identities of the two bandits.

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