Man gets 22 years for Kokerite Landing slaying

Alistair Crighton

Morris Fredericks, 24, was yesterday morning handed a 22-year sentence by Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall, for the 2011 killing of Linden resident, Alistair Crighton.

Fredericks, who was initially indicted for murder, pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter earlier this month, admitting that he unlawfully killed Crighton on November 29, 2011, at Kokerite Landing, Barima River.

His sentence was deferred for a probation report, which was presented to the court yesterday.

Fredericks was represented by attorney Maxwell McKay who begged the court for leniency.

Morris Fredericks

The state’s case, meanwhile, was presented by Prosecutor Narissa Leander, who reminded that a life was lost, and asked for the maximum sentence to be imposed.

Justice Morris-Ramlall started the sentence at 40 years and thereafter deducted 13 years for Fredericks’ guilty plea, which she noted, saved the court considerable time in otherwise having to conduct a trial.

An additional five years were also deducted, for the time the man has been incarcerated awaiting trial.

He was sentenced to the remaining 22, 15 of which he must serve, before being eligible for parole.

The prosecution’s facts are that Fredericks and Crighton were involved in an altercation during which the latter was struck with a blunt object, resulting in his death.

Crighton, also known as ‘Sailor,’ was 33 years old at the time of his death.

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