Winch fault delays reopening of Demerara bridge to marine traffic

The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be reopened to marine traffic tomorrow, General Manager Rawlston Adams said yesterday.

The announcement followed the discovery of a fault with the north-eastern winch that prevented the scheduled opening to marine traffic yesterday.

The bridge underwent maintenance on Saturday, which saw it closed for some six hours. It was during the changing of pontoons that the fault was uncovered.

However, Adams explained to Stabroek News yesterday that the company was able to identify the problem with the winch and subsequently took it down on Monday.

“We are now rectifying it and we should install it tomorrow [Wednesday] afternoon and test it and the bridge should be retracted on Thursday at 3 am,” Adams said.

Adams also mentioned that they met with the representatives of the Guyana Shipping Association yesterday morning and informed them of the predicament. He said the association’s representatives subsequently related that they will reschedule their marine traffic.

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