Rose Hall vendor pleads for help after fire

- living in shack on main road.

A Rose Hall Town vendor has made an emotional plea to the public for help after a fire completely destroyed his home last Thursday, leaving him along with his son, 26, and two grandchildren with no choice but to live in their stall located on the main road.

Lloyd Desmond Moore, 57, a father of two from Crawford Street, Rose Hall Town, told Stabroek News yesterday that he is trying to be “comfortable” in his stall until he can afford to build another structure to reside in. He said, “Is me stand really. I had to take it and block up the walls and live inside. Truthfully it is really hard but I prefer live here before you got to beg family to live with them and hear insults.”

He explained that his daughter has since ventured to the interior to work while he is taking care of her six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter. He noted that since the fire he has not been able to afford to send his grandchildren to school. “I working hard trying to send them. I went to this lady and she say go back for some school clothes. I want to try send them from Monday…Them is smart children, it’s not the best situation but they know we will get out of it someday,” said a hopeful Moore.

The stall with makeshift stand behind
Lloyd Moore

According to Moore, his neighbours have donated several items which he is extremely thankful for. “Mr. Hamid give me a bed, stove and whole week grocery.”

The man explained that the house which was destroyed in the fire belonged to a friend of his, however he had been residing in the house for over eight years. He is pleading with the government to assist him with a house lot if possible, or to help him rebuild a small structure on the land he was residing on.

Meanwhile, Moore told this publication, that he was contacted by the Rose Hall Town Municipal informing him that he cannot reside “over drains”. “They say the president ain’t want nobody live over drains.” He explained that he asked the person to assist with a possible location for him to move to, however, he was told to make contact sometime on Saturday.

Persons desirous of assisting Moore and his family can contact him on telephone number 691-6001.

The still very much distraught man relayed that witnessing his belongings being destroyed in the fire was the “worst moment in his life.” He said, he is hoping that officials of the region and government can offer some assistance to him so that he can ensure his grandchildren, who are his main priority have a “happy and comfortable Christmas”.

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