Youth gets three months’ jail for ‘choke and rob’ attack on teen

A young man yesterday blamed hard times for him robbing a 15-year-old of a cellphone and he was sentenced to three months in jail for the crime.

Maintenance worker Kerry Sears, 21, stood before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, who read him a charge which stated that on October 28, at Aubrey Barker Road, he robbed a juvenile of a phone, valued at $19,900, and at the time of, or immediately after, used personal violence.

Sears pleaded guilty to the crime.

Police prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that the complainant was standing on the road, waiting to catch a bus, when he was confronted by Sears, who choked him and took his phone and escaped. A report was later made and Sears was arrested and placed on an identification parade, where he was positively identified.

From left are Kerry Sears and Michael Garraway

Moore said that after he was cautioned, Sears admitted to committing the crime.

When asked if he wished to explain why he took the phone, Sears stated that he never choked the complainant.

He added that he put his arm around the complainant and told him, “Friend, right now times hard, give me this.”

Sears then went on to apologise to the complainant’s mother, who stood in court on behalf of her son, who waited outside of the courtroom.

The Chief Magistrate subsequently told the accused that based on his explanation, the court had no other choice but to sentence him.

Meanwhile, Michael Garraway, 19, of Lot 360 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was charged with receiving a phone from Sears, knowing same to be stolen.

Garraway, a security guard, denied the allegation.

Moore made no objection to bail being granted and stated that the case file was complete. The teen was then granted $30,000 bail. He will make his next court appearance before Magistrate Dylon Bess on November 9.


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