Local researcher nominated to sit on global board

Anije Lambert

Founder of Project Development Consultancy (PDC) Anije Lambert has been nominated as an Esomar Representative and is expected to sit on the Global Representative Committee, a process, which, according to her will see Guyana having a seat at the head table of one of the most “important industries globally.”

Lambert, 23, who will be the representative from Guyana for the next two years, explained that Esomar is one of the largest and one of the oldest international market research organisations in the world. It caters to the promotion, advocacy and unification of the market research, social research and data analytics sectors worldwide. Currently it is the authority on all things market research and business analytics, has over 35,000 professionals, 5,000 members and is present in over 130 countries.

Lambert told Stabroek News that after hearing about her company, its vision and the works behind it, President of the Esomar Association Niels Schilleweart decided to nominate her to sit on the representative committee.

“The nomination was then sent to the board, which followed a vetting process by other global representatives located to then confirm the appointment,” the young researcher said.

According to Lambert, the Esomar name is one of authority and being one of its members carries weight in the research community and becoming an Esomar Representative “speaks volumes.”

“Aside from the added credibility to the company’s brand, we are even more excited since we now have more ammunition and resources when it comes to promoting and advocating on behalf of the importance of research and data in effective decision making,” she pointed out.

Asked how her nomination will help Guyana, Lambert said, the “nomination and selection mean that Guyana now has a seat at the head table of one of the most important industries globally. Data and information are key players for globalisation, we have to look at the bigger picture. This is a foot in the door, another chip in the glass ceiling.”

Through the nomination she hopes to be a voice and one not tempered by timidity, even as she believes that it is another step towards the destruction of misinformed ideas about market research.

Lambert’s company, PDC-Research, describes itself as providing services to larger research organisations, academic institutions, small to medium sized companies and non-governmental and public sector institutions interested in research assistance across the Latin American nations.

It utilises a pool of talented graduates and connects them with experts.

Despite her age, Lambert has a solid foundation in the area of research, having started at the age of 19, and when she speaks about it, her passion is visible.

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