Bagotstown resident’s fence damaged again by car crash

-sixth time in six years

The section of Fizul Razac’s fence which was damaged early yesterday morning following yet another vehicular accident

For the sixth time in six years, a car has crashed into the Razac’s fence at Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara. This time, however, the damage is as not severe as on previous occasions.

The owner of the house, Faizul Razac of Lot 35 Public Road, Bagotstown told Stabroek News that he was awoken around 2.30 am yesterday upon hearing a thunderous noise, and on inspection, he discovered that a car had slammed into his fence.

There have been five similar incidents before which have seen Razac incurring losses despite drivers’ assurances that he would have been compensated for the damage. He stressed that most of the accidents occurred when the road was clear, and he called for speed bumps to be placed at the junction of Eccles and Bagotstown.

“It is at that junction they are speeding up when the road is clear. If speed bumps are placed, I am sure they would slow down” he opined.

According to the man, the driver of the motorcar lost control on the road and slammed into a partition on the public road before crashing into the fence.  Razac indicated that the driver has promised to compensate him for the latest set of damages to his fence.

Razac had recently rebuilt a section of his north eastern fence which was damaged in December of last year. At around 3.45 am, one December morning a speeding car had slammed into his fence, resulting in major damage. Yesterday he told Stabroek News that he had been forced to use reinforced steel to strengthen his fence.

Razac said that he had no estimate for the cost of the latest damages since he had not spoken with his contractor as yet.

In 2011, a speeding car had cleared the fence and landed in the living room of the upper floor of his building.

On that occasion, he had awakened at around 4:00 am to begin preparing for Ramadan observances and was in the lower flat of the house reading his Quran, when he felt “an earthquake like shake” and things falling on him. He had screamed for his wife, who was in one of the bedrooms in the upper flat of their home with their one-year-old daughter. He said that as he looked up, he was in shock when he noticed that the car was parked in his living room and the occupants were screaming for help.

Razac said he immediately went upstairs to verify that his wife, Aleema, and their daughter, Aneesa, were okay. He added that the four occupants of the car were groaning and upon investigation, they appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol and were unable to exit the vehicle on their own accord.


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