Region Nine Village Councils to maintain GWI water

Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has entered into agreements with over 50 Village Councils to ensure the upkeep of critical water systems in Region Nine.

According to a press release from GWI, these contractual agreements follow on the heels of training done with community members on how to operate, manage and maintain GWI’s systems. The councils will be responsible for appointing persons to operate and manage the water systems, and receive a stipend from GWI for execution of duties.

GWI will provide technical support where deemed necessary, the GWI release said. The scope of the work includes the cleaning of solar panels to prevent algae accumulation, weeding and cleaning of compounds, repairing leaks on the water distribution system, maintenance of submersible pumps and the submission of monthly reports on the water systems.

Earlier this year, the media release said, GWI facilitated training for 27 Region Nine residents from 14 neighbouring villages in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems, which are used to power some of GWI’s pump stations in the interior which are not privy to the normal power supply.

According to the GWI release, the 33 signed agreements where maintenance services will be carried out, in Region Nine are as follows: Moco Moco, Surama, Annai, Annai Central, Awarewaunau, Quatata, Cra Cra Na and Curicock in Karasabai, Yakarinta,  Katoonarib, Apoteri, Achawib, Bashaijon, Crash Water, Karaudarnau, Baitoon, Massara, Masakenari, Meriwau, Mararanau, Potarinau, Paipang, Quarrie, Quiko, Parishara, Rukumuta,, Rapunau, Shea, Sand Creek, Toka, Wowetta and Yurongparu

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