Freddie Kissoon’s evidence in assault case to remain on record – Magistrate

A city magistrate yesterday ruled that evidence presented by newspaper columnist Freddie Kissoon, will remain on record, during the continuation of the trial of the men charged with dousing him with human faeces.

PPP members Kwame McCoy, and Jason Abdulla, and former bodyguard Shawn Hinds, are charged with assaulting Kissoon, whom they are accused of dousing with human faeces during an attack in 2010.

During yesterday’s court session, trial Magistrate Judy Latchman told the court that she will permit Kissoon’s evidence to remain on the court record as evidence upon affirmation. She noted that Kissoon, during his testimony, had understood what was being asked of him.

Kissoon would have given evidence into the matter on August 25, 2016.

This ruling made by the Magistrate, came after a request had been made by Abdulla’s attorney, Glenn Hanoman for it to be struck out.

Subsequent to the court’s ruling, the defendants’ attorneys went on to make no-case submissions on behalf of their respective clients.

Attorney Latchmie Rahamat, who represents McCoy, told the court that the complainant during his testimony, had failed to identify McCoy as the person who had thrown the faeces on him. On these grounds, she stated that the defendant should not be called upon to lead a defence.

Hanoman, making a similar submission, stated that the only evidence relating to his client Abdulla is a caution statement that was admitted into evidence by the court. This caution statement he says, should not have any weight assigned to it since it does not relate to any date.

He added that the caution statement taken at its highest shows Abdulla to be an observer or an eyewitness and not an actual participant. He advised that the court revisit the admissibility of the caution statement since Assistant Superintendent of Police Mitchell Caesar during his evidence had stated that he knew nothing about two medicals, which contradicts the prosecution’s case.

Finally, George Thomas, representing Hinds, told the court that there is no case for his client to answer to, since he did not participate in the event.

After Thomas made the final no-case submission, the prosecutor requested an adjournment to present a reply.

The matter was then adjourned to November 15.

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