Peacemaker mason stabbed to death in North Ruimveldt

A 27-year-old mason was fatally stabbed yesterday afternoon after he intervened in an argument between two of his fellow villagers on Christiana Street, North Ruimveldt.

Hafeez Douglas called `Gargon’ of Lot 2981 North Ruimveldt, Georgetown  sustained a single stab wound to his chest and died on the spot.

The deadly wound was inflicted by one of two brothers, who has been identified as twenty-six-year-old Jermaine Abel. He surrendered to the police at the North Ruimveldt outpost after the incident and was taken into custody.

The suspected murder weapon, an ice-pick was also handed over to the police.

Stabroek News understands that around 3.30pm yesterday, Abel and another man had an argument over his brother, Jamal Abel when Douglas allegedly intervened and attempted to calm the men.

During the process, Jermaine allegedly armed himself with the ice-pick and stabbed Douglas who fell into a nearby trench.

The suspect then ran to the North Ruimveldt police outpost, where he informed the ranks on duty about the incident and was taken into custody.

When Stabroek News visited the scene, residents in the area were tightlipped about the incident.

Alter Douglas, mother of the dead man said she was on her way to pick up her two younger children from school when she  learnt what transpired. “I did going to collect them two children but by time I reach half way they did done coming and the canteen lady tell me that a boy look like Hafeez just get juk up and he lay down in a pool of blood let me go see”, she explained.

The woman said when she arrived at the scene she positively identified her son who was already dead. She said based on what she understands Hafeez was left on the roadway to die. “When I go there somebody tell me he did still breathing after the thing happen but nobody didn’t want to take he to the hospital”, she said.

Alter said on numerous occasion she would talk to her eldest child and encouraged him to stay within the limits of his home in order to stay out of trouble but he often times paid no heed. “Only this morning (Wednesday) me and he had a lil misunderstanding but sometimes I does try not to tell he anything because he very ignorant”, she related.

Meanwhile, Teon Herod, Douglas brother said he was returning from work when residents in the area informed him that his brother just died. Herod told this newspaper that when he arrived at the scene he was greeted by a large crowd and his weeping mother. “I ask wuh really happen and nobody couldn’t really tell me anything so I go out to where it happen and then is when I hear that he was parting a fight and he get stab”, Herod said.

“When I go and I find out wuh happen I hear he (Douglas) go to part two some two man did fighting over some argument over two brothers and one of them walk off must be fuh pick up the  jukker and he go fuh part and the boy end up stabbing he”, Herod explained.

He believes that his brother was liming at a nearby shop which he does every afternoon when the incident unfolded.

Douglas’s body was taken to the Lyken’s Funeral Home.

An investigation has been launched and the police have since obtained several statements.



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