Courts launches Sleep Centre

The Motion Custom adjustable bed at the Courts Sleep Centre

Courts Guyana yesterday launched what it calls Guyana’s first Sleep Centre, where customers can touch and lay on the mattresses before deciding on a purchase.

The Sleep Centre, located at the company’s flagship store on Main Street, Georgetown, is offering an extensive range of mattresses and accessories from leading brands like SLEEP on it, Allnite, Serta, and Tempur.

Speaking at the launch, Manager Keyeanne Moore explained that the Sleep Centre features a product that cannot be found anywhere else in Guyana: a Motion Custom adjustable bed. She said it adds diversity to the range of products and brings a higher standard to the market. “It is important to note that there is no one mattress [that] is perfect for everyone, which is why our Sleep Centre caters to your every need. So whether you prefer a firm mattress, a medium mattress or a plush mattress, we have the solution for you,” she said.

Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence, who also spoke at the launch, said that the products being offered are very significant to the health of Guyanese people. She noted that sleep is essential to the healing and repairing of the body and the lack of it is detrimental to health and can increase the risk of heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. “Researchers have also shown that after people sleep, they tend to retain information and perform better on memory tasks. Our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, to repair tissue and allow for the release of important hormones for growth and development. From babies to the elderly, we all need to enjoy a good sleep,” she said.

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