Timber revetment at Baracara falling apart a year on

-Auditor General’s report

Auditor General Deodat Sharma (stooping) measures the thickness of the №. 52 Cross Street and Middle Walk access South of Public Road.

Less than a year after $7 million was spent to construct a timber revetment at Baracara along the Canje Creek the structure is falling apart.

According to the 2016 Auditor General’s Report, the Administration of Region 6, awarded the contract for the construction of a timber revetment at Baracara, Canje Creek to the second lowest of eight bidders in the sum of $7.521 million without giving reasons why the lowest bidder was not considered.

While at 31 December 2016, the sum of $7.521 million was paid to the contractor, a physical verification of the project revealed that the timber piles used for the revetment are of poor quality and are already deteriorating.

Further the Regional Administration could not confirm if the piles were inspected prior to being installed for the revetment. Inspection of the piles before installation is critical to confirm that the piles are of the specified length, diameter and specie of timber.

The thickness of the №. 52 Cross Street and Middle Walk access South of Public Road as measured by the Audit Office is 2 inches. The Regional Administration however paid for the construction of a 4 inch thick road.

In response the Regional Executive Officer indicated that better supervision will be implemented.

The report also highlighted an overpayment of $1.697 million since the contractor tasked with the Rehabilitation of №. 52 Cross Street and middle walk access South of Public Road used only 2” thick crusher run to fill the road base rather than the 4” crusher run- 1st grade that was indicated in the contract documentation.

According to the AG the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder in the sum of $9.797 million and amounts totaling $9.766 million paid as of December 2016.

An examination of the payment vouchers and other documents relating to the said contract, however revealed that the completion date of the works could not be established since the completion, certificate bore no evidence to confirm such date. Also revealed was the difference in the thickness of the road base.

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