Cops probing mysterious death of Richmond guard

The police on the Essequibo Coast are conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of a security guard of Richmond, Essequibo Coast, who was found dead at his home on Thursday evening.

Dead is Tamraadhouj Ramcharran, 61, called ‘Birdy,’ who is believed to have died sometime between November 7, when he was last seen alive by neighbours, and November 9, when his body was found.

So far, police investigations have found that Ramcharran, who lived alone, was last seen by neighbours around 6 am on November 7. At about 10 pm on November 9, neighbours went to check on him and saw his motionless body in the eastern bedroom of his house.

A report was made to the Anna Regina Police Station and the police visited the house, where Ramcharran’s corpse was photographed and examined. No marks of violence were seen.

Ramcharran’s body is currently at the Suddie Public

Hospital mortuary, where a postmortem examination is expected to be done.

When Stabroek News visited the house, no one was present and the gate at the entrance to the property was locked.

A neighbour, who wished not to be named, said that to his knowledge Ramcharran was not sick. “This man went good, good. He went walking strong and everything, so it come as a surprise that he dead just so. Is because we didn’t see he for the couple days we decide to go and check and that is when we know he dead,” he added.

According to the man, Ramcharran has no family living in Essequibo but neighbours were trying to contact family members living in Trinidad and in America.

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