Retired cop wins $1M after buying tickets to Chronixx concert

-in GTT Christmas promotion

Maynard Carmichael (at right) with a GTT official after he was named the first winner of the company’s $1,000,000 Smiles Christmas Campaign. (GTT photo)

A retired policeman has been named as the first winner of GTT’s $1,000,000 Smiles Christmas Campaign, after he purchased tickets to the upcoming Chronixx concert that is being sponsored by the company.

According to a GTT press release, Maynard Carmichael, 56, was asked by his wife, Janice, to purchase tickets for them to go to the show.

The launch of the campaign took place at the Stabroek Market Square on November 6, and saw hundreds of persons all vying for the chance to win the first million.

He noted that he was unenthusiastic about purchasing the ticket, since he is not a fan of reggae but he gave in after she insisted and he heard of the GTT promotion. At the time, GTT customers had to electronically top up $1,000 or more in a single transaction or purchase a ticket to the Chronixx show, set for November 18, for a chance to be a winner in the company’s campaign.

As a result, Carmichael, who purchased the ticket from the GTT mobile team while at his usual hang out spot at the Stabroek Market Square, credited his wife for the good fortune.

The release quoted Carmichael as saying that his wife made her claim to the money since she said she was the one who encouraged him to buy the Chronixx ticket.  The man, who retired from the Guyana Police Force in September of last year after serving for 34 years, noted that he would give half of the winnings to his wife and make donations to the Number 28 Village Anglican Church and Prospect Assembly of God Church. He will also feed needy children.

GTT said customers would be given even more options to enter for a chance to win millions.

To enter, customers must electronically Top Up $1,000 or more in a single transaction, purchase a ticket for the Chronixx show, purchase a data plan valued at $1,000 or more, pay any GTT bill in full and on time, purchase any GTT handset valued $1,000 or more, sign up for the company’s Blaze internet service and pay the first month’s rental, or upgrade their existing Blaze plans.

It added that a grand drawing will be held in Georgetown on December 18, where four winners will selected for a million dollars each.

In addition, GTT will also give away $1 million at the Chronixx Show and the details of how those attending can win will be announced shortly.

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