Zeelugt man drowns in North West

A Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo resident lost his life after he reportedly fell overboard and drowned at Kamwatta, in the North West District, on Wednesday morning.

According to Commander of ‘F’ Division Ravindradat Budhram, the man has been identified as “Rajid” (only name give), a labourer, who had been in the company of a crew of six men who departed the Parika Stelling on Sunday afternoon.

The men reportedly arrived at their destination around 8 pm on Tuesday and anchored their boat in the river.

They then proceeded to cook and retire to bed. However, around 3 am the following morning, the crew reported hearing loud screams coming from the river. Upon inspection, the crew discovered Rajid in the water moving downstream with the tide.

According to Budhram, the remaining five men then started the engines of the boat and drove in the direction “Rajid” was being forced by the strong current. However, they were unable to rescue him and soon lost sight of his body.

The mishap was then reported to the police. His body was later found at Shell Beach.

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