Leopold St baker gets six months for stealing clothes

A 53-year-old, Leopold Street baker was yesterday brought before Magistrate Fabayo Azore to answer a charge of theft.

The charge stated that on August 6th in the company of another, Renrick Gary, stole a quantity of ladies and gents clothing from Albouystown businesswoman Barbara Nedd, with a total value of $176,000.

Gary pleaded guilty to the charge and apologized to the businesswoman and asked if he could repay her.

Nedd came forward and told the court that her attempts to call Gary’s sister who he said would have made the repayment, had proven futile. She also alleged that Gary is a serial offender, based on reports which she had received from other business people and vendors, from whom he had also stolen. Nedd stated that the accused had been arrested for another robbery and she had been informed by the police that he had been caught.

The businesswoman stated that on the day in question, Gary, along with another, came to her store and asked for brand name items along with a list of the prices, so he could re-sell them for the right price. After the items were placed into bags, Gary took the bags and ran, and eventually got away in a car.

Gary was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

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